Beeple pollinating change - together

With our Beeple Honey Collective, we return most of our honey to the community, and focus on providing to those that might not ordinarily have access to local honey.

The Hutt City Council recently provided beautiful little pockets of land in the hills surrounding Lower Hutt for our hives. 

In March the Council cut some spots for us in preparation for creating more community apiaries. The photos here show the site, high on the hills above Naenae. The site looks out across some of the hungriest citizens of the Hutt Valley region.
We’re gifting the honey back into this community and profits from honey sales going to create more local food projects in the area. We want to share our gratitude to our local Council and gratitude to all who support our honey collective.

If you’d like to nominate an organisation, school, or deserving individual that would benefit from receiving some of the most precious goodness, please send us an email and let us know who and why.

Julia Milne