Our new marketplace and website

We're excited to announce the opening of our new online marketplace, aligning with our mission to help build a healthy community. We’re now providing access to natural and locally produced food and goods. Every time people purchase items, the profits are used to generate more meals for the community.

We have a range of producers providing a variety of fresh local produce, honey, seeds and items for sale; with more items coming online in the future.

We’ve been building to this with our Beeple Honey Collective, our Sew Mamas and other community efforts to help make things that end up helping us in our other work.

For example a community that includes Syrian refugees is recycling New Zealand Post uniforms and transforming them into a range of bags to reduce our reliance on plastic.

What we do with our profits

Every time people purchase items, we use the profits to generate more meals for the community, and some of this money is set aside for the people and groups that make the products -- including the Bee daddies beekeepers and the Sewing mamas -- allowing them to put this back into their initiatives to help these projects grow. We’ve started out by focusing on helping the Bee daddies get their business off the ground.

We want to sharing profits and grow our network.

Our dream for that is that we can stimulate and incubate further community owned enterprises that will support localised employment. The more profit, the more children we can feed.

The more profit, the more children we can feed.

A weekend of hard work

The awesome crew of developers, designers and IT pros from Charity-IT helped us build the marketplace and give our website a boost at the Enspiral Dev Academy in Wellington. This was gifted to us as part of the amazing work that Charity-IT does to support not-for-profits, in their mission to "amplify the good".

A huge thanks to our wonderful new friends who have given their weekend to help us.

Team Members: Amelia Laundy, April Choi, Ayesha Munaf, Bronsun Miranda, Cameron Shotter, Charlie Gaxey, Jacob Duligall, Kieran McKay, Michael Millward, Sachin Kaw, Stephen Reid